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Jack is the co-founder of Bluestone + Killion providing networking and business development training and coaching to major professional firms and corporations and strategic advisory guidance to leaders of and investors in early stage, high potential enterprises.  He's also the founder of Eagle Rock Partners and manager of the Eagle Rock Diversified Fund, a fund-of-hedge funds now in its 15th year, as well as an author and master networker.  

Examples of his experience are below:


Started and/or headed several diverse businesses including


  • Harpers Magazine as turn around, interim management

  • Country Music Magazine as Founder and Publisher

  • Killion Extruders (industrial equipment manufacturing) as owner & CEO

  • Wireless for the Corporate User Magazine & Events Company as Co-Founder & Publisher/Editor

  • KBO as Founder & General Partner (raise venture capital & consult with investors in emerging companies)

  • MBK as Co-Founder (real estate development in Florida)

  • Walnut Farm as Owner & Trainer (thoroughbred race horse breeding & racing stable)

  • Information & Communications Technology Fund as Co-Founder

  • Evaluated 1000s of “deals.” Raised debt and/or equity for some and advised many.

  • Advised leaders & owners of 100s of emerging companies in multiple countries and in diverse industries

  • Raised equity and debt. Sold, merged, re-structured, turned around and bought companies.

  • Author of the book: "Network: All the time, Everywhere with Everybody" and many articles for entrepreneurs.

  • Frequent guest speaker at entrepreneurial & business events


Extensive Major Corporate & Military Experience


  • Headed U.K. based division of a public British technology company (Elliott Automation)

  • Consulted with heads of Fortune 500s while with McKinsey & Company. Clients included AMEX, CBS, Columbia Records, Port of Philadelphia, Burlington-Great Northern Railway, City of New York and others.

  • Headed two U.S. based divisions of a public U.K. technology company (Thermal Scientific)

  • Served two years with the U.S. Army


Diversified Educational Experiences


  • MS:                                                                      MIT Sloan School of Business

  • BS:                                                                       Yale (Mechanical Engineering)

  • Educational Counselor:                                    MIT in Northern New Jersey

  • MBA Adjunct Professor:                                   Rutgers, Montclair State and Fairleigh Dickinson Universities

  • Advisor                                                               SIFE Program at Centenary College

  • Developed the MIT-Sloan Business School Community of Northern New Jersey


Top Level Board and International Experiences


  • Current or previous Trustee or Advisor with the Park Avenue Club, Medical Missions for Children and Garden State Woman Education Foundation and with various U.S. and European public and private corporations.

  • Worked in the U.K. for a British firm and in France for a French firm.  Traveled extensively internationally developing global business opportunities in a range of niche businesses.

Jack Killion

35 Years of Successful Entrepreneurial Experiences

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