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Mark Entwistle gives the Keynote

Mark Entwistle giving the keynote speach about Cuba, the history and current state of affairs and opportunities for business expansion into the country.

UK business and Brexit

James Klobucar discusses the implications of Brexit on patents in the UK with Rupert Knights.

Investors' Panel

Judith Sheft moderates angel investors Alex Biliris, John Ason and Jerry Creighton, Sr. about getting funding and global markets for your products.

Richard 11.1.15a

Richard Gearhart discusses global inventorship.

The First 100 Days and Innovation

David Postolski discusses the First 100 Days of the new administration and its effect on Innovation with Alison Lefkovitz and Elizabeth Petrick.

Cuba business panel

Stephanie Macias leads a discussion with Marco Gonzalez and Bill Colon on breaking into the business markets in Cuba.

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