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1:00-1:30     Registration, Networking and Inventor Showcase


1:30-1:50     Introduction, About the EDC
                     Jerry Creighton, Sr. and Judith Sheft

1:50-2:00     About GIPLS and Gearhart Law
                     Elizabeth Gearhart


2:00-2:30     Inventorship and Global Concerns 
                     Richard Gearhart


2:30-3:00     Panel: Cuba, Land of Opportunity
                     Stephanie Macias, Moderator


3:00-3:30     Fireside Chat: Brexit and the UK Entrepreneurial Landscape
                     James Klobucar, Moderator


3:30-4:15     Inventors' Showcase, Networking, Refreshments


4:15-4:45     Panel: The First 100 Days of the New Administration             

                     and Entrepreneurship
                     David Postolski, Moderator 


4:45-5:30     Panel: Investment Sources and Requirements
                     Judith Sheft, Moderator


5:30-6:15     Keynote:  The Business Environment in Cuba - Q&A

                      Mark Entwistle


6:15-6:30     Closing remarks, Lively winners, networking

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