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Gearhart Law started The Global Intellectual Property Law Symposium (GIPLS) in 2015 to offer our clients and others opportunities to learn about doing business in other countries and to meet and network with professionals from around the world.  In the past we've featured Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, the EU, India and Israel.   We hold one panel presentation in the Spring and one networking meeting in the fall.


In 2017 we partnered with the EDC at NJIT to feature the UK and Cuba, and to hear investors' perspectives on opportunities for entrepreneurs.  The 2017 symposium was April 3rd.  In addition to panels featuring England (Brexit), Cuba and investors, we also had discussions of 'Global Inventorship' and 'The First 100 Days of the New Administration and Entrepreneurship', as well as a keynote presentation on the business climate in Cuba, networking and an inventor showcase.  

Our next event is planned for May13th, 2020 on the Switch virtual networking platform.  Check out our speakers' page.  We hope to see you there!  You can register at Global IP Law and Business Symposium

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